Wooden Foot Massager with Dual Rollers


Pursonic Wooden Foot Massager with Dual Rollers - Effectively relieving foot ache and pain to ease your mind and relax the body to promote healthier living.

  • Effective and efficient foot massager, excellent at relieving foot aches and pain accumulate from daily activities such as standing, walking, and exercising. Dual separate row of rollers, massage both feet independently and simultaneously.
  • Create out of wood for solid sturdy construction that ensure prolong durability for daily usage. Rollers will improve circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension and eases pain.
  • Easy operation by simply place both feet on the roller then moving back and forth, apply pressure as desires. It's also ergonomically designed to accommodate most foot size and extremely easy to apply correct amount of pressure force according to your need.
  • Low profile for easy tug away storage like under the couch, sofa, and bed. Also great for beneath office chair and desk. Also vastly portable for travel and vacation.
Model Number: HMG835