Pursonic Waterproof Wireless Speaker


Elevate your listening experience in any wet environment with our Waterproof Wireless Speaker. This robust speaker is designed with a strong suction grip and a convenient sling, making it perfect for use in showers, on tiles, or even marble surfaces. Rated IPX4 for water resistance, it stands up to splashes and moisture without missing a beat. With up to 3 hours of playtime and true 360-degree sound, enjoy uninterrupted, high-resolution audio from all angles. The built-in USB charging port and hands-free calling feature add functionality and convenience, making this speaker a must-have for any bathroom or outdoor adventure.


  • True 360-Degree Sound: Delivers clear, immersive sound that fills your space, no matter the setting.
  • Suction Grip and Sling: Easily attaches to flat surfaces like shower walls, tiles, and more, ensuring stability and security.
  • IPX4 Waterproof: Resistant to water splashes from any direction, ideal for use in wet conditions. Up to 3 Hours of Playtime: Perfect for shorter sessions like morning routines or poolside relaxation.
  • USB Charging Port: Convenient charging of devices, ensuring you stay connected even in the bathroom.
  • Hands-Free Calling: Take calls without having to leave the comfort of your shower or pause your activities. Wireless High-Resolution Sound: Experience superior stereo sound quality wirelessly, enhancing your audio environment.