USB Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

$39.99 $49.99

Rechargeable Oral Irrigator. Water Flosser! Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below the gum where brushing and flossing can't reach. Massages and stimulates gums to improve circulation and keep your gums strong and healthy. Ergonomically designed handle and 360 degree rotating nozzle, lets you easily control water flow to reach all areas of the mouth. Rechargeable via USB cable.


  • Delivers water pressure at 40-80PSI with 1700 pulses per minute.
  • Auto Shut-off feature-turns off after 2 minute cycle is complete.
  • 3 operating modes, Electronic on/off switch, LED indicator
  • High volume tank capacity. Water Tank has dual design for easy water refill.
  • Waterproof Handle. Rechargeable via USB Cable

Model Number: OI27R