Radiant Beauty Bundle: Dual Sided Facial Cleansing Brush & Makeup Removal Wipes (12 Pack)


Enhance your skincare routine with the Pursonic Radiant Beauty Bundle. The dual-sided facial cleansing brush, with its soft bristles and silicone pad, provides a 2-in-1 solution for deep pore exfoliation and gentle cleansing. Portable and non-electronic, it's perfect for daily use and travel. 

Dual Sided Facial Cleansing Brush:

  • 2-In-1 design with soft bristles for deep pore exfoliation.
  • Great for washing makeup, massaging, acne treatment, and more.
  • Made from high-quality medical silicone and soft bristles for skin protection.
  • Double-sided brush with soft bristles on one side and silicone pad on the other for exfoliation.
  • Portable, non-electronic, and easy to use while traveling.
  • Lightweight, small size for convenient daily use.

Makeup Removal Wipes (12 Pack - 720 Wipes Total):

  • Quick and effective makeup removal for on-the-go freshness.
  • Ultra-soft pre-moistened towelettes suitable for all skin types.
  • Thorough yet gentle cleansing with 360 wipes for a refreshed feel.
  • Effortlessly dissolves dirt, oil, and makeup in one wipe.
  • Safe for eyes, suitable for contact lens wearers.
  • Leaves skin clean, fresh, and hydrated without heavy residue.
  • Ideal for quick and convenient makeup removal without the need for extra steps.

Achieve radiant and refreshed skin effortlessly with the Pursonic Radiant Beauty Bundle. The dual-sided facial cleansing brush and makeup removal wipes work together to provide a thorough and gentle skincare routine, making it perfect for your daily beauty regimen.