Pursonic Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


  1. Smart Micro-Vacuum System:

    • Efficient Cleanup: The trimmer is equipped with a Smart Micro-Vacuum System that clears away clipped nose, ear, mustache, and facial hair particles as you trim.
    • Mess-Free Grooming: Ensures a clean and tidy grooming experience by effectively whisking away hair clippings.
  2. Versatile Trimming:

    • Multi-Functional: Comfortably removes nose, ear, and unwanted facial hair, providing a comprehensive solution for grooming needs.
    • Detailing Capability: The trimmer is versatile enough to detail beard and eyebrows, offering a complete grooming experience.
  3. Dual-Edge Blades:

    • Curved Hypoallergenic Blades: The stainless-steel blades are curved, ensuring safe and clean cutting without causing irritation to the skin or pulling hairs.
    • Gentle Precision: The design of the blades enhances precision while minimizing discomfort during use.
  4. Battery-Powered Convenience:

    • Battery Requirement: Powered by 1 x AAA battery (not included) with a power rating of 1.5 V.
    • Portable and Easy Operation: The battery-powered operation ensures convenient usage, making it suitable for use at home or on the go.