Eucalyptus Flower Multi Use Body Oils 4 Oz


The Pursonic Multi-Use Oils may well be the ultimate gift from nature. Made from the aromatic essences of plants, they have a remarkable ability to affect a person's well-being and improve the environment around them. Explore the many Multi-Use offered by Pursonic that can help you achieve physical , emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It will help you stimulate your senses and enable you to sink into a relaxed world of serenity, healing and self balance. Apply to Skin, Hair & Nails as needed for moisture and shine.

  • Helps cleanse pore and regulates oily skin.
  • Rub on neck, shoulders, back will help eliminate stress and relax ax your body, Its potency allows can brings down inflammation, removes aching, and converts stiffness into loose, flexible muscles.
  • With regular Eucalyptus use, you can begin to heal respiratory ailments.
  • Enriched with sweet almond oil, Jojoba Seed Oil & Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

Model: FBOEL120