Pursonic Back Health Essentials Kit: Multi-Level Stretch & Posture Perfection.


Elevate your back health with our Ultimate Back Care Duo, meticulously designed for those seeking relief and improvement in spinal health. This premium set includes a Multi-Level Back Stretching Device and an Adjustable Posture Corrector, each engineered for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Multi-Level Back Stretching Device:

  • Three Adjustable Levels: Customize your stretch intensity. Easily adjust to three different levels to suit your flexibility and comfort needs.
  • 90 Massage Points: Strategically placed for optimal relief, these points help in releasing tension, improving circulation, and providing a soothing massage effect.
  • Easy Assembly: Hassle-free setup. Our back stretcher is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, making it perfect for home or travel use.

Adjustable Posture Corrector:

  • Back Support Bar: Experience enhanced stability. The integrated back support bar ensures your spine is aligned correctly, offering substantial support to the lower back.
  • Breathable Upper Back Brace: Comfort meets function. Made with breathable materials, this brace keeps you cool and comfortable while providing firm support to the upper back.
  • Adjustable Buckle for Perfect Fit: Tailored to your body. The adjustable buckle allows you to customize the fit, ensuring comfort and effectiveness in posture correction.

Together, these tools work in harmony to assist in alleviating back pain, correcting posture, and promoting overall spinal health. Whether you're dealing with daily discomfort or striving for better posture, our Ultimate Back Care Duo is your companion in achieving a healthier, more comfortable back.