Pursonic Aromatherapy Bliss Set: Lava Stone Bracelet with 100% Pure Essential Oils


Get ready, you are about to be more enlightened than ever. Enhance and lighten your emotional state with the power of essential oils, thoughtfully paired with our Natural Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet. This duo combines the mindful craftsmanship of the bracelet with the unique benefits of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Tea Tree essential oils, offering a holistic and uplifting experience for your well-being.

Natural Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet:

  1. Adjustable Fit: The bracelet is thoughtfully designed with an adjustable length, ranging from 6.6 to 8.7 inches, catering to the perfect fit for both men and women.
  1. Secure and Easy Fit: Easily tightens on the wrist for a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring ease of wear throughout the day.
  1. Quality Materials: Crafted with care using 8 mm natural lava rock, natural picture stone, and a durable elastic string, blending aesthetics and durability seamlessly.
  1. Mindful Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with a meditation mindset and a commitment to Buddhist healing practices, reflecting meticulous attention to detail and spiritual intent.
  1. Stress and Anxiety Relief: Specifically designed as a stress and anxiety relief diffuser bracelet, providing aromatherapy benefits for a calming and centered experience.
  1. Easy-to-Use Lava Stone Diffuser: A user-friendly design allows for effortless use. Simply add 1-3 drops of essential oils onto the lava beads. Gently rub the oil into the beads. Reapply as needed for a prolonged aromatic effect.

100% Pure Essential Oils:

  1. Eucalyptus:

   - Purpose: Ideal for promoting feelings of clear breathing and open airways, creating a soothing massage experience.

   - Additional Benefits: Known for purifying properties that can benefit the skin, cleanse surfaces, and purify the air. Helps clear the mind and promotes relaxation.

  1. Lavender:

   - Purpose: A must-have oil known for reducing anxiety and emotional stress while promoting relaxation and calmness.

   - Usage Tips: Add a few drops to pillows, bedding, the bottoms of feet at bedtime, or bathwater for a stress-relieving experience.

  1. Tea Tree:

   - Purpose: Perfect for haircare due to its tropical cleansing, rejuvenating, and purifying properties.

   - Benefits: Offers a gentle and natural alternative to chemical-laden hair care products, providing a soft and gente element to any hair care routine.