Pursonic Advanced Facial Steamer & Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Set


Embark on a transformative skincare journey with our expertly curated bundle, designed to cater to all your facial care needs:

  1. Advanced Facial Steamer:

    • Deep Pore Cleansing: Our steamer uses advanced nano-ionic steam technology to emit a fine mist that penetrates deep into the skin. This process helps to effectively dislodge dirt, oil, and other impurities from the pores, reducing the occurrence of acne and blackheads.
    • Enhanced Hydration & Absorption: The warm steam not only hydrates the skin but also enhances the permeability of the epidermis, allowing for better absorption of serums, moisturizers, and other skincare products.
    • Therapeutic Skin Benefits: Regular use can help to reduce sinus congestion, promote better sleep, and provide a relaxing, spa-like experience right in your home. The steamer also aids in promoting blood circulation, leading to a naturally healthy and glowing complexion.
  2. Versatile Hydrocolloid Pimple Patch Set (120 Patches):

    • Customized Acne Treatment: With 120 patches in three sizes, our set is uniquely designed to cover various types of pimples and blemishes. The Regular size is perfect for small, emerging pimples, the Large size for clusters of acne, and the Jumbo size for larger, more prominent blemishes.
    • Advanced Healing Technology: These hydrocolloid patches create a moist environment, which speeds up the healing of pimples while reducing the risk of scarring. The patches also absorb pus and fluids from the blemish, flattening and healing it faster.
    • Discreet and Protective: Each patch acts as a protective barrier against dirt and bacteria, preventing further infection. They are ultra-thin and translucent, blending seamlessly with the skin, making them suitable for day or night use.