Pursonic 14 pack aromatherapy essential oil gift set.


  1. Nature's Gift:

    • Ultimate Gift from Nature: Pursonic Essential Oils are crafted from the aromatic essences of plants, representing nature's gift with a remarkable ability to positively impact well-being.
  2. Holistic Well-Being:

    • Comprehensive Well-Being: The essential oils are designed to enhance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, offering a holistic approach to health and balance.
  3. Sensory Stimulation:

    • Stimulate Your Senses: Explore a variety of essential oils by Pursonic to stimulate your senses and create an environment that contributes to relaxation and self-balance.
  4. Diverse Benefits:

    • Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Support: Pursonic essential oils provide a range of benefits, assisting in achieving balance across various aspects of well-being.
  5. Scents Included:

    • Bergamot: Uplifting and citrusy, promoting a positive mood.
    • Cedarwood: Earthy and grounding, offering a sense of stability.
    • Jojoba: Nourishing and calming, contributing to skin health.
    • Lavender: Calming and soothing, promoting relaxation.
    • Mandarin: Refreshing and energizing, enhancing mood.
    • Peppermint: Invigorating and refreshing, aiding mental clarity.
    • Rosehip: Rejuvenating and nurturing, supporting skin health.
    • Anti-Anxiety: Crafted to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.
    • Breathe Easy: Designed to promote clear and easy breathing.
    • Refreshing: Revitalizing and invigorating for a fresh atmosphere.
    • Sleep Aid: Formulated to support relaxation and restful sleep.
    • Relaxing: Calming and tranquil, fostering relaxation.
    • Cleansing: Purifying and refreshing for a clean environment.
    • Air Purifying: Designed to enhance air quality and freshness.