Mario Lopez Men's Rechargeable Electric Shaver


Experience effortless shaving with the Mario Lopez Men's Rechargeable Electric Shaver, featuring advanced technology for a smooth and close shave every time.

Key Features:

  1. 3D Floating Blades: The shaver is equipped with 3D floating blades that adapt to facial contours, ensuring a close shave with precision and comfort.

  2. Double Ring Knife Net Blade: With 3 sets of double-ring knife nets, this shaver offers a larger feeding area compared to single-ring knife nets, effectively improving shaving efficiency and performance.

  3. Long Shaving Time: Enjoy up to 60 minutes of shaving time on a single charge, providing ample usage for multiple shaving sessions without frequent recharging.

  4. Quick Charge: Need a quick shave? The shaver offers a 5-minute quick charge feature, allowing you to get ready in no time, even when you're in a rush.

  5. Washable Blades: For easy maintenance and hygiene, the blades of the electric shaver are washable, ensuring convenient cleaning after each use.

Upgrade your shaving routine with the Mario Lopez Men's Rechargeable Electric Shaver, designed to meet the needs of modern grooming with efficiency and convenience.