Food Waste Composter

$249.95 $299.95

Pursonic Food Waste Composter, 3L Capacity, Environment Friendly , Fertilizer from Food Scraps in Mere Hours, Turn Waste to Compost

  • EFFORTLESS AND ODOR-FREE COMPOSTING –Place the kitchen trash can compost bin in your kitchen or any convenient location without worrying about unpleasant smells, because thanks to the active carbon filter any unpleasant odors will be effectively trapped inside, so you can finally have your peace of mind. We have corrected all the issues and have new stronger parts now !!
  • COMPOST IN 4-10 HOURS - Designed to easily transform your leftover food scraps into valuable compost, using advanced decomposition technology, this compost tumbler recycling bin producing compost in as little as 10 hours. Simply place your food scraps, such as fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, chicken bones, and more, into the compost machine, and let it work its magic.
  • COST EFFECTIVE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION - Cuts down the volume of food waste by up to 90%, thanks to the electric countertop compost bin that not only helps reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills but also produces nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants.
  • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN - The composter's sleek and compact design featuring 3L capacity allows it to fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor. Its intuitive control panel and easy-to-read display make it simple to monitor the composting process and adjust settings as needed.
  • SIMPLE AND QUIET OPERATION - Our garbage can with auto cleaning and cooling system operates quietly, so you won't be disturbed while it diligently works to turn your food waste into valuable compost.

    Model Number: FPR613