Complete Dental Care Power Pack - Electric Toothbrush, Water Flosser & Whitening Powder


  1. Pursonic USB Power Rechargeable Rotary Electric Toothbrush:

    • 8,800 Oscillations/Min
    • Thorough Clean, Even in Hard-to-Reach Areas
    • Remove 300% More Plaque Than Manual Toothbrush
    • Long-Lasting Battery (Up to 30 Days per Full Charge)
    • 3 Modes: Clean, Soft, Massage
    • UV Sanitizer Design
    • Fashion Sleek Design
    • Travel Version with 3 Brush Heads Included
  2. Pursonic USB Rechargeable Water Flosser:

    • Removes Bacteria Deep Between Teeth and Below the Gumline
    • Massages and Stimulates Gums for Improved Circulation
    • Ideal for Dental Bridges, Braces, and Crowns
    • Ergonomic Handle and 360 Rotated Nozzle for Easy Control
    • USB Recharging Cable Included
    • 7.5 OZ Water Tank

 3. Activated Coconut Charcoal Whitening Powder (2oz):

  • Natural Formula Infused with Grapefruit, Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oils
  • Whitens Teeth with No Sensitivity
  • Premium Ingredients for Gum Health
  • Mess-Free Application: Use a small amount on a moist toothbrush and brush for two minutes
  • Long-Lasting Whitening Effect

Achieve a complete oral care routine with this powerful bundle for a brighter, healthier smile!