12 Pack of Flushable Mario Lopez Man Wipes (1200 Mint Scented Wipes)


Trust 1200 Flushable Wipes for a refreshing clean! Mint and eucalyptus-infused, extra-large wipes are alcohol-free, durable, and gentle on skin. Enjoy the ultimate clean with flushable, sewer-safe, 100% plant-sourced wipes.


  • 1200 FLUSHABLE WIPES- an amazing value . your BUTT Will thank you later!!
  • EXTRA LARGE FLUSHABLE MAN WIPES: Our man wipes are large (7x7 in) , extremely durable, & 100% flushable with plant-sourced fibers to safely break down in sewers.
  • MINT FRESH SCENTED : infused with mint, Eucalyptus Citriodora oil, Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to protect you from Discomfort . Our wipes are gentle on your skin, made with plant sourced fibers, no harmful parabens, alcohol free, & can be used on all body parts.