100% Pure New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls


Transform your laundry routine with our 100% pure New Zealand wool dryer balls. Experience less drying time, fewer wrinkles and static, while pampering your skin with our non-toxic, fragrance-free and totally biodegradable wool. Get fresh, soft, wrinkle-free results with every load.


  • 100% Pure New Zealand sheep wool with no synthetic fillers, rolled into tight, extra-large balls and made for a natural, long lasting product..
  • Our dryer balls are natural fabric softeners, perfect for replacing drying sheets and can be reused over 1000 times. Natural wool, 100% biodegradable
  • No Added dyes or Fragrances, Great for those with sensitive skin & babies.
  • Less Drying time saves energy, Eliminates wrinkles & static
  • Reducing dryer time, our Wool dryer balls lift & separate laundry as it tumbles, reducing dry time, wrinkles and static by allowing hot air to circulate more evenly.

Model Number:

  • Pack of 3: WDB3
  • Pack of 4: WDB4
  • Pack of 6: WDB6