RDCF Reed Diffusers


The Pursonic Reed Diffusers have many benefits. Most importantly the fragrances will enrich the atmosphere of your home or office space. The Pursonic Reed Diffusers are not only home and office fragrances but also home decorative accents. The rattan sticks decorate the bottle like a bouquet and radiate your favorite fragrance throughout the room. Simply remove the bottle stopper and insert the sticks. Intensity and fragrance life are variable according to the number of sticks used.

Reed Diffusers use no energy, except perhaps the natural warmth of your room. The essential oil is poured into a bottle, beautifully designed and crafted just for this purpose. The Pursonic Reed Diffuser is the perfect accent for any home or office.

The Pursonic reed diffusers come in four variations: Cotten Fields, Flower Bowl, Lime Light, Orange Sky- all in 50ML bottles


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Enriches your space by adding sleek design and lovely aroma
Available in four different scents
Perfect for home or office spaces
Intensity and fragrance life are variable according to the number of sticks used

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Flower Bowl, Cotton Fields, Lime Light, Orange Sky


50ml, 100ml

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