NC2 Battery Operated Nail Filer & Callus Remover

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The Pursonic NC2 Electric Nail Filer is the world’s first tool for filing nails as well as removing calluses. This compact and convenient unit perfectly handles both jobs in one. There is never a need to make an appointment at the salon any longer.You have the power to have your feet looking great in no time at all. The Pursonic NC2 makes it possible to perform a pedicure quickly. The device fits comfortably in your hand, and you have the ability to cut and shape fingernails and toenails with ease. You won’t have to try and cut with your “weaker” hand because this unit is capable of handling all the clippings.Whether you are right-handed or left-handed, this nail filer will do all of the work for you.The innovative technology will travel along your nails and contour them to the right shape. It’s easy to handle, and absolutely pain-free.
When you are ready to work on your feet, it will gently and effectively pump away all of the dry and callused skin in seconds. It’s going to be much easier to use than scrapers, and considerably more effective. There are no blades that are going to cut the skin. It works similar to a pumice stone, but much more comfortable. There is no rubbing involved!

The Pursonic NC2 is powered by two AA batteries. The unit is cordless, and there is a cleaning brush that goes along with it so that you have the ability to clean up as you go.

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Gently & effectively buffs away toughened area, dry and callus skin in seconds
Safer and more effective than scrapers, which use blades to cut away the skin
Easy & comfortable to use, unlike pumice stones that require constant rubbing
Great for filing Nails
Easy to handle & pain free
Cordless, battery operated
Includes two roller heads & cleaning brush
Requires two AA alkaline batteries ( not included)

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