NC3 Portable Electric Nail Trimmer & Filer


Innovative and Easy to Use for Quick and Comfortable Nail Trimming and Filing. Cutting and shaping your finger and toenails can be difficult with regular scissors, especially when you try to cut them with your “weaker” hand. Our Electric Nail Clippers are perfect for the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re right handed or left handed- this clever device does all the work for you, gently trimming as you guide them around the contours of your nails to achieve the perfect shape. Perfect for cutting children’s fingernails as it won’t hurt like a regular nail clipper or scissor may. The Innovative technology is quick, safe and comfortable for nail trimming, clean up brush included.



Stronger than the NC1
Innovative, safe and pain-free
Two cutting modes
Sharp alloy tool bit for quick speed nail trim
Convenient to use push style switch
Light frame with comfortable handle
Low noise design
Operates on 2 x 1.5v AA size alkaline batteries (not included)

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