Place an essential oil bottle or pour some inside the glass cup holder to experience 30-minute aroma smell. It diffuses, using no water at all. Fill the air in your home or office with a long lasting fragrance. The temperature control helps accelerate the volatilization of essential oils without damaging the chemical components of oils. You can fill your room will with a fragrance of your choice.

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Place entire 10ML or 15 ML bottle in the device, or pour some of an essential oil into the glass cup for a pure oil-only diffusion.

Refreshes the quality of air we breathe
Releases your favorite fragrance and with the help of essential oils it can lift your mood and reduce stress with the scented fresh air.

Settings include continuous running or a timer mode that lets the unit run for 10 minutes followed by a 30 minute pause and back to a 10-minute operation again.

This mode than continuously repeats itself.

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